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“When you are scared you make sound, not music.”

As an organisation consultant, Siets Bakker (1973) has guided numerous executive boards and management teams through their change issues. She is a forerunner in the field of applied systemic work. Siets is trained to facilitate family and organisational constellations, but is much more interested in finding practical ways to apply systemic knowledge to everyday life. Her latest book, Moving Questions, is the product of her knowledge and expertise.



Siets never tells you what to do or how to think. She invites you to use all your knowledge and experience and enrich this with her practical and playful insights. Her writing style is the same: inviting and easy to apply.


Moving Questions


Bring movement to situations that are stuck, simply by asking questions. Click here for a free preview featuring a complete chapter of the book.


card deck

65 Ready made Moving Questions for your convience.

Unlocking Systemic Wisdom

This book is an easy-to-use guide for using your systemic wisdom in the workplace. Click here for a free preview.

systemic blogs

Siets blogs about how she uses systemic knowledge and Moving Questions in her life and work.

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Siets has been strongly influenced by leading teachers such as Bert Hellinger and Jan Jacob Stam. Echoes of the way she was brought up, in a part of the Netherlands where things had to be seen to be believed, also ring out across her work. But most of all, Siets is inspired by people just living their every day life. Because that’s where the change must happen, she believes.






The secret of how to stop working hard and become even more succesful.


Three questions that refer to the systemic principles, with the potential to change your world.


Why you should stop giving feedback and start asking questions.

Keynote speaker

Siets has found her own vocabulary to share systemic knowledge with leaders and changemakers. Her talks have tremendous impact. Participants always leave with a refreshed mindset and practical tools to apply systemic knowledge. Systemic professionals learn a different language for the same knowledge.

leadership development

Ask Siets to give a talk or workshop to help leaders discover and apply their own systemic knowledge. They learn how to ask questions that are truly meaningful and have impact. 

systemic professionals

Systemic work is no longer new, there are many professionals who recognise the value of this knowledge and apply it daily. Many are still searching for the appropriate format. Siets is pleased to share her knowledge with these colleagues. 



In the spring of 2019, Siets was a guest in the WaChaMa podcast. Watch or listen to the conversation Siets had with Zsolt Varga about leadership, change and sustainability.


featuring in 2020

The Systemic Leadership Summit is an online event with the mission to help create a shift in our leadership paradigm across the world by presenting the crème de la crème of important contributors to systemic work. Siets is one of them in the 2020 edition.


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